Terms and Conditions

  • Service provider: SIA “Losbergi”
  • Registration number: 4010358121
  • Legal address: “Losbergi”, Vītiņu Parish, Dobele Municipality, LV-3721
  • E-mail address: info@losbergi.lv, website: www.losbergi.lv

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Internal Rules of the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” are binding for all guests of the complex, incl.  visitors of the Sun Suite, loft, Reception Hall, sauna, or the grounds.
  2. The Internal Rules establish the procedure for providing the services of the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” to visitors, the safety, hygiene, and other requirements to be observed by visitors, and the rights, obligations, and limitations of liability of the resort.
  3. Terms used in the Terms and Conditions:
    3.1. Guest – a natural or legal person who visits the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” and receives any of the services provided by the Host.
    3.2. The Host – SIA “Losbergi”, Reg. No.  40103581216.
    3.3. Service – provision of accommodation.
  4. The Internal Rules are developed to regulate relations, ensure the relaxation of Guests, and avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, injuries and damages.
  5. All Guests, regardless of age, are subject to the Internal Rules. Before visiting the complex, the person carefully reads and familiarises themselves with the Internal Rules and undertakes to abide by them during the use of the services. The Internal Rules have been drawn up following the legislation in force in the Republic of Latvia.
  6. Internal Rules of Procedure are published on the website www.losbergi.lv. By starting to use the Services, the Guest confirms that they have read and agree to comply with the Internal Rules.
  7. If the Guest suffers damage or causes damage to any third party as a result of non-observance of these rules or ignoring the instructions of the personnel of the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort”, the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” shall not be liable for such damage.
  8. Following the requirements of data protection of natural persons, “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” processes the following personal data: upon receipt of personal data submitted in guest questionnaires, the data is processed only to provide the service of the resort, to keep the records of the resort, to receive payments from Guests for the use of services, for the preparation of reports and statistics. Such data shall not be disclosed to third parties, except upon a reasoned written request by the responsible public authorities.
  9. In case of any questions or queries, Guests are kindly advised to contact the management of “Losbergi – art & wedding resort”.
  10. The visitor(-s) of the Guest may stay on the premises of the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” and its grounds only upon agreement with the administration of the resort.

Responsibilities of Guests:

  1. To observe the Internal Rules of the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” and to be respectful to other Guests and personnel.
  2. To pay for additional services at the rates approved by the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort”.
  3. To refrain from any action that may endanger your own life, health, or property or that of others.
  4. To comply with the requirements of personnel to ensure domestic order.
  5. To inform maintenance personnel of damage to the equipment/inventory.
  6. Parents or other persons responsible for the care of the child must not leave a child under the age of 16 unattended.
  7. To smoke only in the designated area. Smoking is only allowed outside the Guest House, in designated smoking areas. The fine for smoking in an area where smoking is not permitted is EUR 250.00.
  8. To compensate for damage caused to property belonging to the Host.
  9. To keep unauthorised persons away from the rented premises. You must not hand over the keys to the premises to third parties.
  10. Pets are allowed in the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” only with prior approval of the Host.
  11. To allow the employees of “Losbergi – art & wedding resort”, the security service, and the housekeeping service to enter the rented premises to repair the equipment, plumbing and other devices, to check their technical condition, as well as to control the observance of these Rules.
  12. The Guest shall ensure that the entrance door of the building is closed at all times when leaving the Suite or loft sleeping area.
  13. On the day of departure, the Guest must leave the premises and the Guest House by  21:00. Before leaving the premises, a joint inspection of the premises is carried out in the presence of a representative of the administration.

Guests' rights:

  1. To use the living quarters, common areas and equipment rooms for their intended purposes.
  2. To seek help from the personnel in case of feeling unwell, injuries, etc., and immediately ask for qualified medical assistance.
  3. To inform the administration of the resort about any defects or deficiencies in the operation of the Guest House, and to submit proposals for improvement.
  4. To submit their complaint in the form of a letter and send it by post to the address "Losbergi", Vītīņu Parish, Dobele Municipality, LV-3721, or by e-mail to info@losbergi.lv and receive a reply within 10 working days.

Guests are responsible for:

  1. The safety and health of children in their care. Guests under 18 years of age must be supervised by a parent or authorised person at “Losbergi – art & wedding resort”.
  2. Personal belongings, as “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” cannot be held responsible for unattended belongings. Guests can use a personal safe free of charge.

Guests are prohibited:

  1. To damage or mistreat the equipment, facilities and premises at the place where the Service is provided. For the damage caused by the Guest, the Guest House will charge the amount of the damage.
  2. To behave aggressively, inappropriately, loudly, harass or otherwise disturb other Guests and personnel.
  3. To leave burning candles unattended in the Guest House. To bring or store combustible objects and substances in the facility.
  4. To wash vehicles on the resort grounds.
  5. To leave vehicles in the resort after the end of the contract period.

Rights of the Host:

  1. To provide the Guest with living quarters in good condition.
  2. To request the Guest to provide the Host with the following information before the provision of the Service: name, surname, personal identification number or identification number, address of the declared place of residence, and expected period of the Service.
  3. Not to disturb the Guest's use of the rented premises, ancillary rooms, equipment, appliances, and adjacent territory.
  4. The employees of the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” are entitled to enter the rented premises without the presence of the Renter to check the condition of the premises (to prevent an accident), and after checking the condition of the premises or preventing an accident, to notify the Guest of the reason for the check and what was found during the check and/or during the accident prevention.
  5. The Host shall not be liable for any damage, loss, injury, or death resulting from accidents or other causes caused by the negligence, lack of due care, carelessness or failure to comply with these Rules, including failure to follow the instructions of the maintenance personnel.
  6. The Host shall not be liable for any damage or loss incurred to the Guest if the damage or loss is caused by the actions of third parties or other circumstances for which the Host shall not be liable in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and applicable laws and regulations.
  7. Any employee of the Guest House has the right to instruct Guests to comply with these Rules, and Guests are required to comply with such instructions.
  8. To unilaterally terminate the Accommodation Service Contract if the Guest fails to comply with the requirements of these Rules or the obligations of the Contract for the use of the Guest House.
  9. To lock individual premises (if necessary).
  10. In cases where Guests blatantly ignore and violate the Internal Rules and the general standards of behaviour and courtesy or fail to respond to the warnings of the administration, the latter reserves the right to call a security company and/or the national police. In this case, the booking and the stay will be cancelled, and no refund will be issued.
  11. The personnel of the Guest House are entitled to refuse to serve Guests who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or whose behaviour is offensive. If the above is the case, no refunds will be given for services booked and paid for.

Booking and check-in terms:

  1. Guests must be at least 18 years of age to book and check in at the property.
  2. To make a reservation for the service:
    1. Call: +371 20707000
    2. E-mail to: info@losbergi.lv
    3. Guest can make a reservation on our website losbergi.lv. 
  3. To guarantee the reservation, the Guest is required to make an advance payment of 25% of the full price of the service, in accordance with the invoice received by e-mail.
  4. The reservation is guaranteed from the moment the reservation deposit is received.
  5. If the reservation deposit is not received by the due date, “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” has the right to cancel the temporary booking and offer the service to other Guests.
  6. By making a reservation, the guest confirms that they have read the fire safety instructions and the Internal Rules of the “Losbergi – art & wedding resort” and undertakes to follow them.
  7. In cases where the Guest has already made an advance payment but does not arrive on the scheduled date and time to receive the service, the reservation money already paid is non-refundable.
  8. Check-in times: Arrival from  15:00, Departure until 12:00.
  9. Check-in or check-out at other times must be arranged with the administration.
  10. Upon check-in, the Guest is responsible for their health condition.

Terms of use of the Suite:

  1. The property has the necessary equipment to keep it clean – please feel free to use it.
  2. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare and enjoy a delicious meal.
  3. It is categorically forbidden to smoke indoors. If indoor smoking is detected, a fine of EUR 250.00 is applied.
  4. You may only dispose of waste in the bins provided.
  5. It is forbidden to damage the equipment of the Suite and the building. It is forbidden to move furniture from indoors to outdoors.
  6. Pets are not allowed in the resort without prior agreement with the Host.
  7. The use of the Suite for commercial photo shoots and filming must be coordinated with the administration.
  8. It is forbidden to bring or use weapons, drugs, and psychotropic substances into the Suite.
  9. Parents or authorised persons are responsible for the supervision of children.
  10. There is no charge for a cot and bed linen for children (up to 3 years).
  11. Guests are kindly requested to lock the property and keep the key with them when temporarily leaving the property. The fee for the loss of a key and keyring is EUR 20.00.
  12. Guests must take care of resources when leaving the Suite – by turning off lights, TV, and electrical appliances, and closing windows and water taps.
  13. Before leaving at the end of the rental period, the key must be handed over to the administrator.
  14. To avoid any misunderstandings, if any damage is found in the Suite, please notify the administration immediately.
  15. If the damage is caused by the Guest, an appropriate fee will be charged depending on the extent of the damage.
  16. If damage to electrical equipment is noticed, its use is strictly prohibited, and the damage must be reported immediately to the administration.

Fire safety rules:

  1. It is forbidden to bring or store combustible materials, use personal electric heaters and open-flame appliances (candles may be used, but that must be approved by the administration).
  2. In case of fire, Guests must call 112 and inform the administration and, if necessary, use the fire extinguisher provided in the suite.

Other instructions:

Emergency phone numbers:

01, 112 — Firefighting
02, 112 — Police
03, 112 — Ambulance
117, 118 — Enquiry service